When I Can Wash My Hair after Coloring It?

It’s a great feeling when having a freshly-dyed that can help you improve your mood. However, how’s about washing it after coloring? Of course, you don’t want to ruin its fresh color since you wash your hair, do you? Keep reading this post to know when you should wash your dyed hair after dyeing it. Also, we will give you other useful things about it.

How Long Do You Need to Wait before Washing Your Hair After Dying It?

It’s not a good idea to wash your hair as soon as you come back home from the salon. You don’t have any specific time to wait to wash your new hair after you color it. However, we still suggest you not wash it immediately. 

How Often Can You Wash It After Dyeing?

If it is the first time you decided to dye your hair, you may have to change your washing routine. This step is to make sure you will not over wash your hair after dyeing it. It may fade if you wash it too often. We recommend you wash it every two or three days. They are the ideal time. 

Whatever color you choose to dye your hair, it’s necessary to consider your hair texture when making a schedule of washing. Natural hair will be drier compared to other types. Therefore, you only should wash it once a week. 

On the other hand, you need to wash your fine hair every other day. The reason is that your hair may flat because of its oils and natural build-up of sebum. 

Is Your Hair Less Vibrant because of Hot Showers? 

Yes, it is. More color may be leached out by hot water opening up your hair cuticles. On the contrary, you can seal your cuticle with cold water. You have to keep in mind that you should avoid rinsing your colored hair under hot water. Otherwise, your hair vibrancy may be lost. 

Therefore, it’s best to give your hair a quick blast of cold water. Besides, you can also place a shower cap over it after you wash it. This way is also effective for protecting your colored hair. 

How to Care For Your Colored Hair

Choose the Right Products for Hair

Ignore your regular shampoo. Instead, look for ones that are made for the task. Your hair may be damaged during the coloring process. It may become rough or dull. 

Some shampoos are made especially to repair the surface of your hair. They can help make your hair shiny and smooth. It may also make the color of your hair vibrant. Therefore, you need to choose the right ones for your hair. It’s also important to look for suitable ones for your tone.

Use a moisturizing mask 

After a chemical process, your hair will look a little dry. Therefore, you should think about moisturizing it. Then, you can get a shiny finish. We recommend you use a moisturizing mask to keep your hair in the best condition. It’s best to use it at least once a week.

Use Dry Shampoo

While you shouldn’t use dry shampoo to replace any steps in your normal washing schedule, you should still use it. It can help to leave your hair feeling fresher. 


In conclusion, there is no specific time you have to wait before washing your colored hair. You should always follow the instructions of the manufacturer when you rinse out the coloring mix. If your hair loses its color over time, you can go to a salon to handle the problem. This way is to avoid any further damage to your hair. Hopefully, our tips above can help you keep your hair shiny and healthy.

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