What to Do If You Hate Your New Hair Color?

It is great to leave the salon with freshly colored tresses. It means the money you pay is worth it. However, not all color appointments come with a good ending.

Indeed, you sometimes may get the opposite of joy feeling. So, what can you do if you are not happy with your new hair color? Keep reading this article to get the answer.

Speak Up

First, you can say something after taking a deep breath. Calmly tell your hairstylist if you don’t like your new hair.

Then, he or she can understand. You need to also tell them exactly what you are not happy with the color.

Is it too light or too dark? Is your hair tone too cool or too warm? Remember to be polite and specific at all.

Go Back

If you aren’t satisfied with your new hair color, and you know the colorist has many years of experience, you may go back to ask him/her to fix it.

Sure, he/she wants you to be satisfied with the final result.

Moreover, if you are bothered by any problem, you need a quick fix. Most salons don’t charge you for this correction.

Go Elsewhere

If this is the first time you aren’t satisfied with your new hair, you should consider looking for a new person.

You need to prepare to pay when going elsewhere. However, it will be worth it to receive the problem fixed properly.

Cover with a Dark Color

To fix a color, many people apply black color on their top. It is popular to do this.

Black color can cover all the dyes we don’t like. However, this color is a very strong pigment.

If you want to lighten your hair onwards, it can even prevent you from doing it. Therefore, this method is not a great option.

You shouldn’t apply dark brown or black. Instead, you can apply a brown.

Other Options

If you don’t want to spend another time in the salon, you can try some other options.

First, you need to come back home and wash your hair. It’s best to wash it a few times. The fact is that most red and brunette shades will shade after washing. However, it’s just a bit.

The next step is to style your hair yourself. Sometimes, there is a too intense highlight or a stray lowlight. They may bother you.

Besides, the highlights you get may not look as natural as you expected. However, you will get a different feeling if you style it into your usual beach waves.

If you want your red to become a little richer, your blondes to be warmer, or your brunette deeper a bit, you should consider an at-home gloss.


We have just given you a few ways you can do if you are not happy with your new hair color.

We recommend you to avoid this happening the next time by going to a stylish person who you know or were recommended to by your friends.

It’s best to prepare pictures to show her, and then she can know what you are talking about.

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