Should I Cut My Hair or Color It First?

If you want to cut your hair and color it on the same day, it will be pricey. Moreover, this decision is also time-consuming. Therefore, you need to determine which task you should do first. It’s not a simple question, we know. Thus, we are here today to help you. Keep reading this post to know the right order you should follow for best results.  

When Should You Cut Your Hair First?

Make a quite different haircut

It’s essential to determine your hairstyle before coloring it after your haircut. Then, your colorist can determine exactly what they should do with your new hair. If you want to get a smoother color, cutting your hair may also be a great solution. If you have healthy ends, it will be simpler for your follicles to get color compared to uncut hair.

Your hair are Damaged a Bit

If your hair is under the sun for a long time, stressed, or the last time you have cut hair is so long, you should trim it a bit before coloring it. Then, you can dye to the healthiest strands of your hair. 

Go for Highlights

If you plan to highlight your hair, it’s best to trim it first. It’s a great idea for those who are going for balayage. This way allows you to determine the place you should highlight. Moreover, it also offers you a greater outline for painting on highlights. 

When Should You Color Your Hair First?

Make your Shade Lighter

If your hair is lightened regularly, your strands may be stressed out. As a result, it can damage your hair. Therefore, it’s a good idea to lighten it first, then you can cut your hair. After that, your stylist may determine the amount of hair that needs to be cut. It depends on your ends. 

Change your Hair to a Super-Short one

If you have shorter hairstyles, you can color your hair first with ease. If you cut your hair, you will do less work. 

Is it Possible to Color Your Hair Before a HairCut?

This is based on the type of color you will get. This is not a problem if you only color your hair. However, if you are highlighting your hair, there will be a big difference. If you trim your hair before highlighting it, your colorist can adjust the highlights to the cut. 

When it comes to the time, it’s best to book a haircut 7 days before your dye. Then, you can get a nice cut. 

What to Do if You Want to Do Both these Processes at Once?

It’s not recommended to wash your hair before you dye your hair. If you only get a slight cut, it’s not a problem. On the contrary, if you want to do a big cut, you should do them on different days. It’s best to ask your stylist for the best recommendation before you make your decision. 


Now, you know what you should do first, right? The next step is to make your own schedule for a hair salon. Then, you know exactly what you should do. Hopefully, our shares are useful for you. Happy good-looking hair!

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