Is This Right to Apply Semi-Permanent Hair Color Over Highlights?

Nowadays, hair coloring has been popular among fashionable women. When learning about hair color selections, you may notice such terms as semi-permanent hair color, hair chalk, as well as semi-permanent hair color.

In this post, we are going to discuss what they are. Also, we will help you answer the question “Can we use semi-permanent hair color over highlights?”

Hair Dye Selections for New Comers in this Game

If this is the first time you try hair coloring, it is a vital step to spend your time reading and looking for a suitable color. You may feel frightened because of a lot of different colors.

Although it seems to be a shock, you shouldn’t give up before getting a new appearance.

Sure, coloring your hair will satisfy you. You should think about dying, bleach, and highlights, the kind of dying to choose, demi-permanent, semi-permanent hair color, as well as a permanent one.

Bleach and Highlights

When you bleach or highlight your strands, these processes will help you remove your own hair’s colors. If you like a lighter shade, you surely have to think about bleaching and highlighting.

There is no option else. A yellow tint is the last result of highlighting and bleaching.

However, if the process is done before, you can apply semi-permanent hair color over your highlights as long as you follow strict steps to get the best result at home.

Semi-permanent hair color

This color offers you a much more natural look. It is not difficult for users. However, it may be a challenge if you are a newcomer. The reason is that it is widely preferred and utilized.

This selection doesn’t come with peroxide. Therefore, it cannot help to lift your hair color. Also, the option may make it darker. This is a great option for those who are going for shine enhancement.

Demi-permanent hair color

This one has a low-quality peroxide in comparison with semi-permanent hair color. Therefore, this color can make your strands lighter a bit. This one is located between the cortex and cuticle.

This color is suitable for faded hair or brassy hair best. Keep in mind that it is possible for both semi and semi-permanent hair color.

Permanent hair color

This hair color contains ammonia. It is not as common as the three ones above. It allows you to change your own hair completely. It will make your strands shiner after the process. This type is not highly recommended because of the stronger necessary chemicals.

It is not a popular option to combine this hair color over highlights. On the contrary, the semi and semi-permanent are great for applying over highlighting.

Can We Apply Semi-Permanent Hair Color over Highlights?

Many people wonder if we can apply semi-permanent one over highlights. It may be hard, but it is a practical task. To do this, you need to consider many factors like the color you will possess.

There are two different methods to make use of to get this color over your highlights. More importantly, you need to look for a reliable hair colorist.

You need to bleach and lift permanent color in order to remove natural hair pigment. Thus, highlighted hair is prone to damage. Here are some cases you should follow:

  • If you need to back your highlight to dark brown or black, you have to use a red tone gloss
  • If you expect to turn the highlights to medium-dark blonde or medium black, it’s great to choose a copper-gold tone gloss.
  • If you have already bleached your highlights to get a super blonde tone, you should consider one with gold tones.


Now, you got the answer to the frequently asked question: “Is it right to apply semi-permanent hair color over highlights?” This is a new dying technique since you may want it in the future. Thanks for your concentration on our sharing until the end. Enjoy your desired hair!

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