The Longest Lasting Hair Dyes for Unnatural Color

You can easily look good with brunette or blonde hair. However, many people choose more unique, vibrant, and vivid hair colors, such as green, pink, orange, purple, and more.

If you want to express yourself, you can consider these unnatural shades. However, these hair colors have a few drawbacks.

In this post, we will let you know how to choose a long-lasting hair dye. They can help to end your hunt for the longest-lasting hair dyes.

Top Five Best Long-Lasting Hair Dyes Reviews

Pravana Chromasilk Vivids Long-lasting Vibrant Color

This product is popular out there. It is a favorite product of professional hairstylists due to its long-lasting results. Indeed, this product can let you keep your hair color from 6 to 8 weeks.

Besides imparting deep color on the hair, this one is also bleed-proof and smudge-proof.

The product comes with 10 vibrant and bright shades, including pink, green, magenta, blue, purple, violet, Wild Orchid, yellow, orange, and red.


  • Doesn’t require you to bleach your hair to get your expected color
  • No developer needed
  • Doesn’t give you a sensation of stinging
  • Has XL size with 3x more color compared to other products


  • Hard to remove
  • Has an unpleasant smell

Arctic Fox Vegan Hair Color Dye

This hair dye is ideal for those who want to stand out. It offers 17 rainbow color selections. Also, there is a diluting solution that allows you to get a lighter pastel shade.

What’s more, the product also allows you to mix different colors to get unique color shades.

Besides, the Arctic Fox Vegan also will fade into the same color spectrum. Therefore, it is not essential to make the hair shades awkward.


  • A great scent
  • The product is cruelty and vegan-free
  • Lasts for between 4 and 8 weeks
  • Operates well on gray, bleached, and black hair


  • Hard to remove the stains
  • It isn’t vivid and pigmented as others

Revlon Colorsilk Beautiful Color Hair Dye

This brand is known as one of the leading companies in the industry due to its developments and advanced technologies. This hair dye allows you to get more natural-looking hair color.

Also, it is infused with keratin as well as silk amino acids. Therefore, it is able to deeply nourish the hair. It is sure to leave your hair smoother, shinier, and healthier.


  • A great solution for graying hair
  • Offers long-lasting shades
  • Doesn’t contain ammonia
  • Offers up to 41 hues to choose from


  • Has a strong smell

Punky Plum Hair Color

This product can not only color your hair but also condition it. If you are looking for the gentles hair colors out there, the Punky is just for you. It doesn’t contain sulfates as well as harmful chemicals. Moreover, it doesn’t require peroxide.

Therefore, it is sure to give you soft, healthy, and bright hair. Moreover, it is able to withstand fade for about 25 washes.


  • Has a handy leak-free tub for traveling
  • Offers 23 different colors to choose from
  • Made to boost hair shine
  • Can be used on bleached and black hair


  • Some complaint about the color description

Special Effects Blood Red Hair Dye

This product is able to last for 3 to 6 weeks. It can even last longer on your bleached or pre-lightened hair. It has some shades glowing under black light. It is sure to make you stand out.


  • Includes 12 different shades
  • Offers the most vivid hair color
  • Has the form of a cream. Therefore, it is simple to apply
  • The dyeing process is easy and fast


  • Stains a lot
  • Its scent likes burning rubber


It is not simple to choose the right shade for your hair. Most of the hair dyes include different shades available. All of the five hair dyes above are great recommendations for you. However, our top pick is the Arctic Fox Vegan Hair Color Dye due to its versatility. This product lets you mix and match colors.

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