Is It Possible to Apply Brazilian Blowout on Highlighted or Dyed Hair?

Of course, it is possible to do that. The Brazilian blowout allows you to improve your hair’s health. It promises to help you lock in your color, thanks to sealing your hair cuticle. It’s best to have one week between this treatment and your highlighted or dyed service. This method is to prevent your hair from over-stressing. If you want to get the best result, you should dye or do highlights on your hair after this hair treatment. To understand more about this topic, let’s take a look at the following parts. 

Benefits of a Brazilian Blowout

It helps your hair become free of frizz as well as shiny. You can even curl it after two days of the treatments. Besides, it allows you to dry your hair in a shorter time than you did. 

The Reasons Why You Can Apply Brazilian Blowout on Your Dyed or Highlighted Hair

The Brazilian Blowout works perfectly on your bleached or dyed hair if you want to repair it. This item can restore your broken hair cuticles. It is sure to help your hair become soft after a chemical process. 

What time can you do this treatment on your dyed hair? We recommend you do it right after you dye your hair for some reason. When dyeing your hair, you need to pay attention to two main ingredients: ammonia and hydrogen peroxide. 

They can open your hair cuticle to help your hair get a new color. At the same time, they can soften it to ensure it gives you the most natural shade.

If your hair has been dyed or highlighted already, it will be possible to do the Brazilian Blowout anytime you expect. This treatment allows you to repair your damaged hair, close as well as smooth your hair cuticles, and balance pH. 

Can You Have a Brazilian Blowout if Your Hair is damaged?

If your hair is extremely weak and damaged, you may need to think about another one to strengthen it first. For example, you can consult Schwarzkopf FibreForce treatments for this. It’s best to get a consultation before your treatment if you are still not sure about your hair situation. 

Will You Lose the Volume of Your Hair after the Treatment?

Some people said that this treatment decreases their hair volume for the first 14 days. This is true for those who have nice hair or who have owned a Brazilian blowout before.


In conclusion, Brazilian Blowout is perfect for dyed or highlighted hair since it can repair damaged hair. It is a good solution for your hair after the chemical processes. However, it is important to apply your hair color product before this hair treatment. This way is to prevent the chemicals from removing your hair keratin. 

If your hair has been dyed, you can apply this product all over your hair. That’s all we want to say about Brazilian Blowout here. Hopefully, our shares are useful to you. 

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