How to Tone Down too Light Hair Color

Sometimes, you may get a big miss when coloring your hair. It may be too light. Then, it’s time to think about toning down hair color. It is usually hard to lighten your hair.

However, it is easy to tone down your hair. Before toning down your hair, you need to pay attention to the health of your hair. Keep reading this article to learn how to tone down the too-light hair color.

Here are some effective ways you can do to tone down too light hair color:

3 Ways to Tone Down too Light Hair Color

Use clarifying shampoo

You shouldn’t shampoo your hair frequently after coloring your hair since it may strip it of the pigment. However, washing it daily with a clarifying product if the hair color is too light can help you tone the color down. You should use a clarifying shampoo instead of gentle ones.

However, this way can strip the hair of its natural moisture. Therefore, it’s essential to make sure you use a conditioner after washing in order to replace the lost part.

Use flat irons and curlers to style your hair

It is essential to protect your hair from heat treatment. This way is to strip the color off. Therefore, if you plan to tone down your too-tight hair color, you can consider using heat.

Get a professional to fix the problem

In fact, the professional should know exactly the right amounts of the product we should use on the light hair. Keep in mind that you need to know the kind of product you have used. For some products, you may have to bleach or use ammonia to fix them.

Methods to Darken Natural Hair

Baking soda and Lemon

Besides making teeth whiter, lemon and baking soda are also great solutions to tone down hair colors. All you need is a mixture of them. Wash your hair. After that, apply the mixture to your hair. The paste should be sited on your hair for about twenty minutes.

Rinse out this mixture with warm water. Next, take time to dry it. For the best result, you should repeat three times per week until you see some noticeable difference.

Use hair color with coconut oil or olive oil

Both of these oils can work well for hair. They can both strengthen your hair and offer it a soft, healthy, and vibrant appearance. First, you need to make the oil warm. Then, apply it to the hair.

To heat oils, you can use a microwave or a pan. Next, cool it before using these oils on your hair. They are gentle. Therefore, they will not damage your hair.

Vitamin C and Vinegar

If you want to remove the unexpected pigments from your hair, you don’t miss using vitamin C and vinegar. They have the acidity that is helpful for this purpose. If you choose vinegar, you should mix them with your shampoo first. Then, apply them to your hair.

Shampoo your hair and rinse it later. You should do it until you see a difference in the hair color. When you use Vitamin C, it is great to make a paste of vitamin C and water, and then apply this paste to your hair. Keep it for 60 minutes. After that, wash your hair.


For women, it is important to get beautiful hair. It means they should have suitable hair color. With some simple tips above, you can know how to tone down hair color if it is too light. All of these methods are effective for most people. However, we still recommend you get advice from a hairstylist before you do anything.

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