How to Match the Color of Your Dyed Hair

Many people make mistakes when taking care of their hair. All of them want to get a good look, but sometimes they are disappointed in case they don’t get what they want. Besides, their hair may also be damaged. Dyeing your hair may damage it, especially if you do it in the wrong ways. After that, you may have to give it the right treatment until it regains activity as well as vitality. In this post, we will talk about how to match the color of your dyed hair. 

Hair Coloring

It’s important to learn about the coloring hair technique. You need to use hair dyes with natural materials first since they are safe for your hair. You should go for one with Henna. You can mix this plant substance with different natural ingredients to color your hair. It doesn’t lead to any damage to your hair. Also, it will not go away easily.

Hair dyeing products are built with a lot of natural and chemical substances. When dyeing your hair, it’s important to determine the right mixing rates. Plus, you need to know the time you should keep your eye on the hair. 

Hair Color Unification

First, you have to learn about your hair coloring naturally is not only natural but also chemical methods. Then, you also need to know how to unify its color because of many reasons. 

Terrible Orange Color 

This problem may be a result of a hair dye product with too many copper or gold tones. Many people think that their orange color will disappear after a few washes. But, it is not right. This way can wash the orange out, but it still will not be uneven.

The best thing you can do is to color it again after 10 days. However, we recommend you use a hair dye mixed with cold tones. This way allows you to get a more even color. Also, it can avoid orange issues. 

Uneven Coverage in Colored Hair

This problem may be caused by a few factors. First, the amount of hair dye is not enough for the length of your hair. Therefore, you should purchase two boxes instead of one for the next time. 

Besides, your hair may also absorb double hair dye compared to others. Plus, it’s also a good idea to purchase products made especially for stubborn grays. Another way is to ask a professional for help. This way is the best solution anyway. 


After dyeing your hair, you may get a bad color for many different reasons. The most popular one is your hair type. Another reason is that the color is not compatible. In this post, we have just talked about some common issues you may get after dyeing your hair. At the same time, we have also shown you the way to deal with these problems. More importantly, you need to determine which problem you are facing. Then, choose the right color and apply it. In my opinion, you should get advice from your professional. They will help you achieve a uniform hair color.  

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