How to Lift Dark Hair Color without Bleach

To have blonde hair, you may need bleach which is one of the most essential products. However, you may get the downsides of bleach. You needn’t use it every time.

If you have light enough hair, it is not essential to use bleach to get blonde hair. Instead, you can consider a high lift dye. In this article, we will give you ways to lift your dark hair color without bleach.

Understand What to Expect

Know that it is hard to make your hair lighter without bleach

If your hair is dark, you may consider a different color with the same value. You cannot go from dark brown to blonde if you don’t use bleach. To lighten it to a certain degree, you can use something with bleach or peroxide.

Don’t think about going pastel without bleaching

You cannot get pastel if you don’t bleach your hair. Even if you have blonde hair, you also have to bleach as well as tone your hair.

Keep in mind that hair aniline is translucent

The fact is that a part of your hair color shines through all the time. For instance, if you want to dye your blonde hair blue, you will get green hair.

If you have so dark hair, the hair color you get will be darker than you see on the box. If your hair is dark brown, and you want to dye your hair red, you may receive dark red.

Some hair types dye better than others

Hair types are different. Also, they come with different levels of porosity and texture. They may affect the ability of hair to take the dye.

For instance, Asian hair is not easy to dye since they have such a strong cuticle layer. Also, their hair is fragile.

Purchase the Right Product

Choose permanent or demi-permanent hair dye

There are small amounts of peroxide found in the demi-permanent dye. That’s why it can lighten your hair. It is a great option if you expect to go a tiny bit lighter.

If you want to lighten it up to four levels, you can think about permanent dye since it is much stronger. Semi-permanent ones only deposit more color. It doesn’t lift color.

Try a concentrated and bright hair dye

You can also use this dye, but it is subtle. Light colors don’t show on your dark hair. Brighter ones will show up.

However, they are not very dark. We recommend you try punk hair dyes, as Special Effects, Manic Panic, and Directions.

Choose a specialized product

You can get the best results from using a specialized product. Some products are designed especially for brunettes, like Splat hair dye. They are still new. Also, they have limited color selections, such as blue, red, and purple.

Besides, you can also consider using a color-depositing dye, like Manic Panic and Splat. They can show up better on your dark hair than other hair types.

Choose ash or cool tone

Normally, dark hair will go brassy if you light it. If you want to make your hair look warmer, you can use a warm-toned product.

In some situations, your hair may look orange. You can balance out your red hair tone by using an ash-toned or cool hair color. Also, it can provide you with more accurate colors.

Prepare a toning shampoo bottle

This item is useful for you if you get brassiness. Like being said that, dark hair may go orange or brassy when you light it.

Wash your hair with blue-tinted or purple toning shampoo in order to neutralize the orange or brassy tone.

Dye Dark Hair

Choose your hair dye

It’s best to look for ones with a cool tone. You can get much better results by using a permanent one instead of a semi-permanent dye.

The reason is that a semi-permanent product contains ingredients that can lighten your hair.

We recommend you choose a cool tone since it will prevent your hair from coming out brassy. It is a good idea to choose a medium or light ash blond color if you own dark hair.

Parcel your hair

You need to gather your hair. Don’t gather the bottom hair layer. Then, make it become a loose bun at your head’s top. Use a hair tie or a clip to secure it.

Protect your clothing, skin, and work surface

Use plastic or newspaper to cover your counter. Drape a dyeing cape or an old towel around your shoulders.

Use some petroleum jelly, and apply them to your neck’s back, along your hairline, and your ears. Then, wear plastic gloves. Another way is to wear an old t-shirt.

Prepare your hair dye kit as per the instructions

All you need to do is to pour your hair dye into the applicator bottle which has the cream base.

Next, mix it by shaking the bottle. Some kits include extra goodies, like a shine oil. Moreover, you can use an applicator brush to mix them in a non-metal bowl.

Apply the hair dye

Start applying it to your hair roots. After that, use your fingers to blend it down towards. Moreover, you can use an applicator brush for this. If necessary, you may also need to apply more dye.

Dye your hair’s rest

You need to divide them into layers, and then work in them. Remove the bun of your head top and let another layer down.

Keep going until reaching the top. Don’t forget to dye the fine hairs on the temples and sideburns.

Time for processing

This step depends on the hair dye type you use. For most brands, you should wait around 25 minutes.

However, some types may require you to wait for a longer time. To be sure, you need to check the package.

Wash your hair with cool water

After washing the dye out, you should condition it. After the processing time, you should use cool water to rinse your hair.

Just finish the process when the water is clear. You should use a color-safe conditioner. Wait for between 2 and 3 minutes.

Ignore the shampoo. You can find a conditioner in many dye kits.

Dry your hair as you expect

You can let it air dry. Another way is to blow dry it. If your hair becomes too orange or brassy, you just need to wash your hair with a blue or purple toning shampoo. Don’t forget to follow the instructions.


It is not easy to dye hair for many reasons. You can get the best results from bleaching. However, not everyone wants to risk damaging their hair.

Don’t worry! You can choose the right products to dye your hair without bleach. In this post, we have already shown you steps to lift dark hair color without bleach. Follow our instructions above to get our expected hair.

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