How to Keep Red Color from Fading

Nowadays, one of the top hair color trends people are trying is red color. However, you have to keep in mind some things before getting your stylist to dye your hair. Red hair color will fade faster compared to any other ones. Keep reading this article to learn how to prevent your red color hair from fading.

Reasons Why Red Color Fades Quickly

As you know, one of the most trending shades you can get is red hair. This option is suitable for every personality and skin tone as well. However, this hair color requires a high maintenance color. It fades out quicker compared to other ones. So, what are the reasons?

This color will fade faster compared to most other ones. This is because its molecule is larger compared to all other ones. Because of its size, the molecule cannot penetrate the cortex. Therefore, it will fade away after each wash.

Even though red hair can fade so fast, it is still one of the most vibrant options. Now, let’s take a look at below our methods to prevent your red hair from fading so quickly.

How to Take Care of Your Red Hair Color

Don’t wash it frequently

You should wash it less frequently. Like being said that, because of the large size of the molecule of red hair color, the molecule will sit on the surface. Also, you can wash away fast. That’s why you need to keep it from fading quickly. We recommend you wash it every third day.

Cleansing Conditioner

If you have red hair color and don’t want to wash it less frequently because of some reasons, you can get a cleansing conditioner. This product is gentle. Also, it won’t strip your hair color as much as your shampoo does.

It’s a good idea to try conditioner and shampoo one and four. Moreover, use the cleansing conditioner on days two and three.

Dry shampoo

Your dry shampoo should be a new best friend. We recommend you use it between days since it can keep your hair feeling fresh. Also, it can keep color intact.

Avoid hot showers

Another reason your red hair fades quickly is a hot shower. It’s essential to avoid it. Instead, you should have cool showers for the better.

Use shampoo and conditioner for color care

If you have red hair color, you should always use these products. They can help to keep your color last longer.

Avoid pool water

Before you jump into the swimming pool, you need to prepare your hair first. It’s essential to wet it with tap water. Also, apply the conditioner first.

Then, you can jump into the pool. There will be a barrier created by the conditioner. It can prevent your hair from contacting chlorine water.

Another way is to use a swim cap. This way is great for those who don’t have time to prepare their hair.

Keep heat styling minimum

The cuticle will swell and fade color off due to heat application. Therefore, it is important to keep heat styling to a minimum.


Now, you get a few great ways to keep your red color from fading quickly. Besides, you can also go to the salon. The great time to get your hair color is every four weeks. They will help to maintain the color vibrancy.

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