How to Go from Highlights to All Over Colors

While highlights are wonderful, sometimes we may want a change from the same appearance. You have to take a couple of steps for this.

However, you can do it at home to go back to your natural color. You need to understand that you may be shocked by going back to your natural color first.

Therefore, it’s best to take time to go darker. When getting your hair highlighted, the natural pigment from your hair is removed due to using a high lift or a bleach permanent color.

Then, your hair may get damaged. Keep reading this post to learn about steps to go from highlights to all-over colors.

How to Go from Highlights to Natural Hair Color

Luckily, it is simpler than you thought. First, you need to apply a gloss. Next, apply a permanent color. This step is to make sure the highlighted color will not look too drab or too dark.

Look for permanent color for blonde hair, brown hair, black hair, and red hair. Make sure to take the color quiz to get your great shade.

How to Find a Gloss for Highlighted Hair

If you want to go back to dark brown or black, you should go for a gloss with red tones. You can consider choosing the Color Reviving Gloss in Barolo. It is known as a vibrant copper-red. You can use it before applying permanent hair color.

If you want to go back to dark blonde or medium brown, you need one that has copper-gold tones. The Color Reviving Gloss in Cannella is a great consideration for you. If you have used bleach, and you are going back to a light blonde, you should choose a gloss that has gold tones.

How to Apply Gloss to Highlighted Hair

If you apply coloring Reviving Gloss on dry hair, you need to concentrate on the hair highlighted the most. Also, leave it on for twenty minutes. Then, shampoo and dry your hair.

If you have the black natural hair color, you should go for color from the Knockout Shades since these shades are neutral. They come with a lot of pigment. Also, they are ideal for covering greys as well as going darker. It’s essential to look for one with gold tones.

How to Apply Permanent Color to Your Highlighted Hair

First, you need to apply the color to the hair roots. Then, apply it to the lengths as well as ends right away. You should give your hair a massage to ensure coverage. Keep the process around 35 minutes.


If you intend to cover your highlights, you need to do it properly. It is vital to pre-pigment your highlighted strands first with dye for about ten minutes.

After that, apply the mixture of dye and developer to your hair. If you get a unicolor appearance, you need to wait three days. Then, you can wash it. Also, don’t forget to use hair products made for dye hair.

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