How to Fix the Orange Color after Dyeing at Home

Many people choose to dye their hair at home. However, it’s not easy for everyone to do that. You can get hair color problems like the dreaded orange tint. If you get some unexpected orange tones after coloring your hair, you will want to think about correcting them. This post is just for you. We are going to talk about how to fix the orange color after dyeing. You can do it without going to a salon. Keep reading this post to discover!

Why Does Your Hair Turn Orange when Using Bleach?

The chemical factors in dyeing process

If you want to change your darker or brown hair to blonde, you will need to mix peroxide with ammonia. This process is to lift your hair color. It can dilute or remove a part of your hair, and then you can get the expected color. 

Colors fade over time

You can get your expected hair color after a dyeing process. However, it may be a transition over the weeks. Indeed, your hair may become a little brassy or orange.

There are three pigment colors in the hair coloring process. They include red, blue, as well as yellow. The blue will fade away quickly. Then, it leaves your hair yellow and red. As a result, your hair will become orange due to the combination of these colors. 

How to Fix Orange Color after Dyeing

Once you notice your hair becomes brassy or orange. There are some steps you can do to fix it at home. 

Use blue or purple shampoos

A purple shampoo is sure to keep blonde hair ashy at home. If you have darker orange tones, it will be a good idea to use blue-toned shampoo. It promises to keep your hair nicer. More importantly, you need to make sure there is no blonde in your shampoo. The reason is that this color may combine with blue to make green.

Color your hair a darker tone

Another way you can fix your orange hair at home. Although this method can help you dial back the orange, you still may want to ask a professional for help. If you do it yourself at home, you may face some unwanted issues. Then, you need to go to a salon to fix it. 

Consider using professional shampoos

You should use the right shampoos that are made for color-treated hair. They can let your color last for a longer time.

Consider applying color glazes

Another way you can do this is to apply a hair color glaze. This way can help you decrease the ability of your hair color will fade over time. 


When it comes to hair coloring, it may not be a simple process for everyone. Indeed, your hair may get orange when it is lightened. That’s why you should follow our guides above. They may be useful for you. They allow you to fix your orange color without damaging your hair.

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