How to Cover Gray Hair at Home

It may be a trick to cover gray effectively and fully if you work at home. You need to choose the right color of boxed hair dye. However, you may still get some stubborn gray hair ending up showing through your dye. Check out our article, we will provide you with some tips on how to cover gray hair at home.

Tips for Covering Gray Hair

Here are some tips you should consider when covering gray hair:

Double the Color Power

The greatest method to apply your gray is to start with an applicator bottle. Next, use a brush to cross through. This way allows you to get heavy and coverage of grays.

Defeat all the stubborn grays

Grays may be stubborn. Therefore, make sure they lay smooth with your hair’s best part. Otherwise, it will not get covered. If you can’t completely cover your grays with your formula, you need to change to a double—neutral shade that offers more coverage.

Understand zones of the hair

The most vital thing you should understand is that hair includes three zones on the shaft. First, the root place will be vibrant and strong. Next, the middle area is less so. Last, the 2-inch stand is dark and cool. Your formula should be lightened and warmed.

Blend first grays

The fact is that demi-permanent color operates well on initial ones. If there is free ammonia, there will be no lift. You don’t have to worry about unexpected brassy tones.

You can use a level lighter compared to the natural color. Then, the process under heat for about twenty minutes. After that, cool it for 20 minutes.

Restore youth with contrast

You need to make some shadow from your hair root to mid-lengths as well as ends. It allows you to knock 10 years off the look of your client. It’s a good idea to cover it at a level 6. It will make you look younger. Moreover, this depth offers you the illusion of thicker hair.

Think beyond the retouch

If you don’t want your clients to try to color hair themselves, it is essential to give them something they can’t replicate. You need to apply darker color as well as equal parts developer to the formula.

Refresh the mid-length color properly

It is a mistake to pull ammoniated permanent color through one that already is colored before. Indeed, it can damage your hair. Moreover, it may fade your color quickly. The solution is to use a non-ammonia color to gloss your hair’s full length.


We have just mentioned above some tips you should keep in mind when covering gray hair. Normally, gray hairs become coarse as well as more resistant to absorbing hair color.

If you have stubborn gray hairs, you need to process the hair color for about ten minutes. It’s longer compared to the instruction you find in the box. Then, you can solve the problem. Last, we hope our tips are useful for you, and you enjoy them.

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