How Much Does It Cost to Bleach Hair and Color it in a Salon?

If you are going to change your appearance, you may think about bleaching your hair. This is a wonderful way to get a good hair look.

It will be great if you decide to bleach your hair. However, you may not know the cost of bleaching hair.

This cost depends on whether you will do it at home or in a salon. Moreover, different factors depending on the cost, such as color, length, as well as thickness of your hair.

In this post, we will let you know the cost you have to pay when getting your hair bleached.

The Cost of Bleaching Your Hair in a Salon

If you decide to ask a professional for help, the cost may be between $150 and $200. However, you will get what you pay.

You will have the desired color. Also, you won’t have to worry about any unnecessary damage to your hair since professionals understand what they do with your hair.

The color and the length of your hair will decide the cost. However, it may also depend on the level of color your colorist has and the place you are in.


  • You can easily get your wanted result
  • You will get high-quality products for bleaching
  • Less hair damage
  • No splotchy spots
  • You may prevent damage thanks to receiving a post-bleach treatment


  • You may need to wait for your appointment for a long time
  • It is expensive

How Much Time Should You Be in a Salon?

You may need to take 3 hours to be at a hair salon if you bleach your hair. Besides, you may have to spend 2 hours more for the dyeing process.

Although this process may be boring, you still should go through it to get a good look.

Every moment you spend in a hair salon is worthwhile. We recommend you ask a professional to decrease the chance of spoiling.

The Cost of Maintaining Blonde Hair

It may be intense to maintain blonde hair. You need to spend around $200 for maintenance every 1.5 months.

This cost is not the same from salon to salon. Moreover, you may also have to pay for other costs. For instance, if you want to get a better result, you may want a safe conditioner and a shampoo.

We recommend you get a purple shampoo if you want to prevent your hair from turning brassy and orange. This way also lets you neutralize your hair color.

It may be quite damaging when bleaching your hair. Therefore, you should consider getting a protein hair mask.

Besides, it is a great idea to purchase a heat protectant spray. That’s why you may have to spend a lot of money if you want to keep your hair on fleek.


Although it may be expensive to bleach your hair, it is surely worth your investment. If you want to get crazy colors, you should do it. Sure, you will receive happiness as well as satisfaction from it.

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