How Long to Wait After Color Oops?

Coloring hair is really exciting regardless if you are at a salon or doing it yourself at home. However, you may be annoyed and disappointed when the result is not the way you wanted.

It may be too light or too dark. Therefore, you need to know how long you should wait to get the expected color.

In this article, we will let you know how long you should wait after color Oops.

Should You Wait between Coloring Your Hair?

Coloring takes its toll on your hair like any other chemical process. Therefore, you should avoid re-dying hair right away.

It is not good to let your hair expose to hard chemicals often.

Moreover, strong hair is different from weak hair. People with really healthy and strong hair may be more careless compared to others.

However, their hair still can get negative effects from coloring chemicals.

If you have weak hair, you need to wait before dyeing it again. If you do it frequently, your hair may face some common issues, such as hair breakage or split ends.

Moreover, your hair may also lose its smoothness and shine. After that, it becomes brittle and dry.

How Long Should You Wait After Color Oops?

It is essential to use a color remover properly through the rinsing step. Also, you need to rinse your hair several times to remove every remaining one from the product.

Otherwise, your hair may become dark again. That’s why it is vital to wait more than one day to re-dye your hair.

If you notice there is still part of the original color in a few areas before using a color remover, you will get multi-colored hair after you dye your hair with a new product. Sure, you will not want that, right?

If your hair has a solid color after you use Color Oops, it is essential to look at your hair carefully. You can also use a magnifying glass. Determine how it feels, if you have a lot of frizz or split ends.

Also, notice if it is gummy when stretched. If the answer is NO, you can continue your coloring process.

You have to wait at least five days to color if your hair becomes a disaster after you use a color remover. Otherwise, it can dry your hair.

If there is a little roughness with your hair, it may cause a bit of remaining moisture to disappear. We recommend you get intensive hydration treatments. They allow your hair to recuperate its moisture.


Before coloring your hair, you need to keep in mind the general rule. We need to wait four to eight weeks. Then, we can color our hair again. However, this rule is not essential for all types of hair.

Indeed, you can wait a little less if you have strong hair. Anyways, your hair may get damaged after dying. Most importantly, you should get a good interval between dyeing. At the same time, it is essential to treat your hair properly.

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