Does Crazy Colour Work on Dark Hair?

Have you thought about having vibrant hair? You may want to use Crazy Color hair dye for that purpose. However, not all people know how it exactly works. Many people wonder if this product can work on their dark hair or if they need to bleach their hair first. To get the answer to these questions, check out this article. 

Is It Possible to Use Crazy Colour on Dark Hair? 

Honestly, it is a waste of money if you use this hair dye on your dark hair. It is not possible to change your hair color. If you still want to use it on your dark hair, you have to bleach it first. 

Besides, you even have to do this step more than once. This depends on the natural color of your hair. To understand more about using Crazy Color, keep reading our article. We will mention this in the next parts.

Why Do You Need to Bleach Your Hair Before Using Crazy Colour?

Many people are horrified when thinking about bleaching their hair due to a lot of horror stories they heard about this method. They are scared that bleaching hair can cause damaged hair, going bald, and so on.

However, don’t worry! Everything is not the same as you thought. This process is safe for your hair. If you have lighter hair, Crazy Color hair dye is a good option for you. 

To get the desired hair color, you need to remove the current pigment from your hair first. This step allows you to get another color. It’s essential to bleach hair two times for those who want to get a pastel shade.

However, it’s better to do it once for those who are going for a darker fantasy shade. If you want to color your purple, you also need to do it once. 

It’s also important to pay attention to the way your dye blends with your hair color. It can decide the resulting color you get after dyeing your hair. For instance, if you have a deep brown, and you use blue hair dye on it, you may get purple or red, not your expected color. 

How to Bleach Your Dark Hair

You should go to a professional who can help you bleach your hair effectively. If you still want to do that yourself at home, you must be sure your hair is healthy. 

You need to get a bleaching kit that offers you detailed instructions. Follow them to decrease the potential mistakes when dyeing your hair. Besides, don’t forget to wear gloves. 

Before bleaching your hair, you need to try on your strands first. This step is to make sure you are not allergic to the hair dye. Then, take your hair and divide them into sections. It allows you to work with your dye more easily. 

After applying the bleach on your hair, you need to let it rest for about 60 minutes, then rinse it. You can use Crazy Color two days after. This allows your hair to restore some of the moisture. 


Now, you know how to use Crazy Colour on your dark hair. After getting a vibrant shade, you also need to use special shampoos as well as conditioners for colored hair. It is essential to get deep hydrating treatments as well. It’s best to do that more than once a week. 

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