Demi-Permanent vs Permanent Hair Color

Whatever may be the occasion, a new hair cut or hair color is the way to rock it up. Be it, men or women, both genders are equal fans of good hair color. Our cosmetic industry is always busy in developing options suitable for every individual.

Since the past few years we have seen a revolution in hair dyes. So there exists a lot of confusion among which to get hands-on. Let us explore the two primary hair color varieties, demi-permanent and classic permanent hair color.

Demi-permanent Hair Color

It is an alkaline-based, ammonia-free color that offers an understated approach. Ammonia free means it only deposits color onto the hair by light penetration. The penetration in the hair shaft without raising the cuticle. This makes the color stays temporarily on strands.

A demi-permanent dye lasts at typical up to 28 washes, losings its strength every time. It doesn’t need any developer but could contain some or no amount of peroxide depending upon the brand.

It works best for anyone who wants to keep experimenting with new colors. It washes away in about 25 shampoos allowing to change according to moods. It is like a lip stain. The fading process speeds up by using a clarifying shampoo.

Using this liquid formula you could add luster to dull looking hair for a refreshed look. It is particularly loved by people who wish to add a darker color to hair. This product cannot lighten hair as it has only a small amount of peroxide, which is insufficient.

Women with textured hair feel free to use the demi-permanent color. Due to the reasson, it doesn’t penetrate the hair follicle and change or damage your natural curls. For people with less than 25% gray, this dye is most appropriate.

Demi-permanent hair color stays only on the hair follicle. It leaves your gray hair translucent and highlighted. It refers to reduces the appearance of regrowing roots.

Permanent Hair Color

Corresponding to its literal meaning Permanent hair color means that IT IS PERMANENT. As opposed to the demi-permanent, it’s the classic long haul. It provides a rich, lush, and ultra-long-lasting color to all kinds of hair and colors.

Permanent hair color can lighten virgin hair (i.e. hair that has never colored). Shade lightens up to two shades without the need for extra steps like bleach.

When we apply Permanent hair color, it interrelates with the natural color of your hair. Its tiny transparent molecules sink into the hair cuticle with the help of ammonia. It is then combined with hydrogen peroxide and generates a chemical reaction. This terms as oxidation which locks in the color in the hair fiber.

Permanent hair color lasts for months, depending on your hair growth rate. Only need is touch-up to roots once a month. Also, to completely cover grey hair, these permanent hair colors are idle.

Permanent dyes seem to be more damaging to your hair because of the strong chemicals used. If you don’t like the color, or the color you selected didn’t turn out as it should have been. These have known to cause allergic reactions. Like causing itching, redness, skin irritation, or swelling on the scalp or at the face and neck.

Cancers have also been associated to these dyes. But these accusations aren’t proved yet. Still, these claims cause a great deal of discomfort among customers.

To be on your safe side, try to avoid permanent dyes. Especially people with sensitive skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis. Such people must avoid these dyes.

But, some people argue in favor of permanent hair colors that as demi-permanent dyes don’t last long. So people who want big-time colored hair would need to dye hair over and over again.

Exposing hair to chemicals many times. While permanent dyes last a lot longer, leading to low chemical exposure. In turn leading to more damage.

Need to Maintain Your Color-Treated Hair

Our body always needs care and maintenance. Especially if certain parts are exposed to chemicals. Likewise, pampering and protection of dyed hair is important. Dyed hair tends to dry a lot and hence are prone to breakage. So always use an excellent conditioner to maintain moisture in your hair. Apply hair masks and oils for healthy locks.

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