Can You Mix Two Colors of Hair Dye?

You may have your desired hair color. Unfortunately, you cannot see it anywhere. Some options still don’t satisfy you. Then, you may think about mixing two different hair dye colors to make a special color. So, can we mix two different colors of hair dye? The answer is yes. Keep reading this post for more details.

Can We Mix Two Different Hair Dye Colors?

It’s absolutely possible to do that. Sometimes, you try to get one between two different levels of color that you can’t find in any boxed kit. Therefore, it’s a good idea to mix two or even more colors of hair dye. 

How to Select Colors to Mix

It’s important to choose a shade of colors. This step will determine the success of your coloring process. You have to mix two colors that can complement in shade together. Hair shades are available in ten different levels from dark to light. 

Don’t mingle colors with their opposite shade. We recommend you to choose 2 or 3 lighter or darker levels for your unique color. 

Hair tones

There are three different types of hair tones to choose from. They include warm tones, neutral tones, and cool tones. 

Warm tones embrace orange, red, and gold colors. They make chestnut brown when you use them at lower shades. At higher levels, they will create strawberry blonde.

Neutral tones are between warm and cool ones. Therefore, these tones are suitable to most of us.

Cool tones have more green and blue pigments. It’s not easy to recognize these tones in a darker shade. On the other hand, these tones offer an icy or champagne blonde at a higher level of color shade.

It’s not an issue to mix two different hair dye colors at all. However, you need to look for suitable colors for each other. If you plan to mix them in two shades, it’s best to choose one with the same tones to make these colors work better. 

If you want to adjust your colors, different tones will allow you to do that. If you want a warm hair color, choose a no-tone color shade. Then, mix it with one of the golden tones. 

Is It Possible to Mix Two Different Brands of Hair Color Up?

It’s not highly recommended to mix two different brands. Each brand has products with different ingredients. When mixing them, you can make chemical reactions with bad effects on your hair.

When you already have 2 brands and don’t want to purchase another one, you should follow the instructions. You should ask a professional colorist about which types of hair dye you can mix.

How to Mix Two Different Colors of Hair Dye

First, you have to prepare tools for mixing colors. They include gloves, a brush, and a bowl. Then, you need to wear your gloves and put your two colors into the bowl. It’s important to pay attention to the ratio of each color. Therefore, you have to find the formula of each before mixing them. 

If you can’t find it, it’s best to mix them with the ratio of 1:1. The ratio depends on your expected color. You may need another ratio. 

After that, you need to use the brush to stir your mixture to remove all the lump. Next, use a developer and add to your mixture with a suitable ratio. It’s essential to make the mixture as smooth as possible before applying to your hair.


Now, you get the answer for your question, don’t you? At the same time, you also know how to mix them. Last, we hope you can do that at home successfully, and get the expected hair color for your hair. 

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