Can I use 20 Volume Developers with Demi-Permanent Color?

It is not a good idea to make a mixture of a 20 volume developer with a demi-permanent color. Instead, it’s better to use a 10 volume one. Many people wonder if they can use this developer with their demi-permanent color. Keep reading this post, you will get the answer to this wondering.

Why Should You Use a 10 Volume Developer?

Demi-permanent is free of ammonia. It’s great to use a 10 volume developer if you plan to use it on your hair. If you want to mix your demi-permanent color with a 20 volume developer, it may oxidize because it is free of ammonia.

You will get a dark, pale color from the oxidized dye. It is not the same as the one that you originally chose. Using demi-permanent dye can decrease the damage of another type of dye.

If you mix a demi-permanent one with a 20 volume developer, it is essential to bleach your hair to avoid it. Do this several times.

It is an aggressive chemical process to bleach your hair. You shouldn’t mix your dye with a 20 volume developer.

How Do Demi-Permanent Dyes Operate?

Like being said that, demi-permanent is free of ammonia which sets the color of your hair. It will not do all by itself. Therefore, it has to make the chemical reaction with hydrogen peroxide that opens your hair cuticles. This process allows the dye color to set inside your hair fiber.

The dye pigment is not able to penetrate the hair fiber because it is free of ammonia. If you only use a 10 volume developer. It will not happen the chemical reaction opening the cuticles.

Since the semi-permanent dye has a form of a film of color on your hair fiber’s outside, this dye lasts a short time in your hair. Whenever you wash your hair, its color will fade. Therefore, it is essential to renew your hair color after two weeks.

Why shouldn’t you Mix it with a 20 Volume Developer?

A 20 volume developer can open your hair cuticles. However, it is free of ammonia that is necessary for completing the reaction. Therefore, the hair cuticles will be opened by the peroxide. Then, the hair fiber begins to expel its color.

The process of oxidation peroxide degrades the fiber of your hair. Also, it changes your dye color. Then, create yellow, blue, or reddish tones. Therefore, you shouldn’t mix your dye with more than 10 volumes of peroxide.


Now, you get the answer to your wondering if you can use a 20 volume developer with a demi-permanent dye. Demi-permanent dye is a great solution for those who have hair damaged by bleach.

It’s important for you to always follow the direction you find in your dye. Also, don’t forget to use a developer with the right number of volumes. It’s best to use one with the number of volumes that are suggested by the provider. Have great hair!

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