Can I Go Swimming After Coloring My Hair?

After dyeing your hair, you may wonder if you can go swimming. It’s not easy to handle the effects of regular swimming on colored hair. To get the exact answer to this question, you should continue reading this post. We will help you learn more about this topic. 

Can I Swim After Dying My Hair?

No, you shouldn’t do that right after dying your hair. It’s essential to wait for at least three days. Then, you can go to a swimming pool. Otherwise, your hair may be damaged. As you know, chlorine is a reactive chemical that can lift your hair color. If you still want to go swimming, you need to cover your dyed hair carefully. 

Besides, many people rinse their hair in water after they go swimming, but it’s important to shampoo as well as condition your hair to remove the chlorine.

Is It Safe to Dye Your Hair After Swimming in the Ocean?

If you want to color your hair right after finishing swimming in the ocean, you need to keep in mind that it will not end nicely to do it immediately. Instead, you need to wash out all the salt from your hair before coloring it. 

We recommend you to go to a salon to get it done properly. Go to a professional stylist who can let you know what to do to get rid of all the salt correctly. 

In fact, salty water can leave your hair’s natural oils as well as its moisture. Therefore, it can make your hair drier. Moreover, you may also get serious effects due to the chemicals of your dye reacting with the salt. 

Things to Know When Swimming With Permanent Hair Color

It’s important to cover your colored hair if you are in a swimming pool with chlorinate water. It will lift your hair color that nobody wants. Therefore, you should purchase a great swim cap to prevent your hair color from fading too quickly. 

If you have dyed hair, and you want to go swimming or spend a lot of time in seawater, you have to wash your hair regularly. Besides, it is also important to use a good shampoo and conditioner for swimming. They are to restore moisture as well as oils to your hair. 

You can also get the same effects from saltwater as chlorinate water. That’s why it is vital to wash your hair after leaving the beach in order to avoid them. 


Many people want to alter the natural look of their hair whether by highlighting, bleaching, or dyeing. It’s necessary to know the effect of chlorinate and seawater offers. Then, we can take the essential step to prevent them, can’t we? It’s vital to know how to protect our hair every day when swimming. They allow us to avoid getting chlorine-damage hair. In addition, we also need to invest in the best swimming shampoo to protect our hair dye. It’s important to take time before going swimming after we have just bleached, dyed, or highlighted our hair. 


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