Can I Bleach My Hair After Using a Color Remover?

Are you dissatisfied with your current hair color? Have you intended to remove it and get a new shade?

Then, this writing is for you. We will be talking about hair color remover. Some people wonder if they can bleach their hair after using a hair color remover. Keep reading this post, you will have your answer to this question.

Wait a few days to bleach your hair after using a color remover

In fact, not everyone can be patient waiting to get their hair bleached after removing an unexpected color.

It is possible to bleach our hair after stripping. However, it is a good idea to wait for one week to 10 days to repair our hair.

Can We Bleach Our Hair After Stripping?

Before deciding to bleach your hair after using a remover, it’s best to be aware of what you may get.

A hair remover is to get rid of the current color of your hair. This product operates on dyed hair.

However, stripping only operates on dyed hair. Your hair will become porous if you apply a hair color remover on your dyed hair.

Therefore, it will make the hair dye fade more easily. On the other hand, bleaching works well on natural hair.

If you have dark brown or black hair and expect to go icy blond, you can bleach it. This way is to remove melanin from your hair.

How Long to Wait to Bleach Hair After Stripping?

For bad situations, you need to be patient to wait a day for bleaching your hair after stripping it.

According to professionals and hairstylists, we should wait for 7-10 days after bleaching our hair. Then, we can use a hair color remover.

This time allows our hair to rest as well as regain its moisture. You can also visit a salon.

Then, they will give you the right repairing treatment that can make your hair strong and healthier.

If you want, you can also do this at home. During 7-10 days, you should use hydrating and repairing treatments.

It’s best to do it from 4 to 5 times. There is a wide range of treatments and masks that allow you to regain your hair’s health.

Another way is to use good-quality coconut oil that can help to strengthen your hair.

This can prevent your hair from hair breakage after bleaching. That’s why we recommend you wait more than a week before applying bleach to your hair.

How Many Times Can You Strip Your Hair?

You can use your hair color remover up to three times per row. However, it’s best to do two sections. If you have colored your hair for years, you may get nothing after using a hair color remover.

You can use stripping products three times per row. We recommend you do it twice. Then, wait for 24 hours. If you get the expected result, it is not necessary to do the third session.


In conclusion, it is suggested by hairstylists to wait for between seven and ten days to bleach your hair after you use a hair color remover.

This helps your hair avoid breakage after the bleaching procedure. Therefore, it is best to wait at least 7 days before applying bleach to your hair.

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