The 12 Best Hair Straighteners for Curly Hair in 2021 Reviews

Having curly hair is a blessing in disguise. People with curly hair are extra-ordinary, they carry both the beauty as well as the mess that comes along.

Only a few people are lucky enough to enjoy the perks of having beautiful locks without effort. The bouncy curls, the voluminous hair and the waves that need no curler to slay in any event are by luck.

In 2017, a study carried out about formation and genetics of curly hair in the journal “Experimental Dermatology”. Concludes, straight hair grow from straight hair follicles and curved hair grow from curved follicles.

It is a fact that a people with curly hair don’t have to shampoo hair as a person with straight hair. Curly haired people have lesser follicles or sebaceous glands present on the scalp.

So, whether you like your curls or not, now you cannot blame your shampoo, hairdresser or the climate for them. Your body has taken the curls from your genes, ethnicity and geographical location.

When managing curls become a hassle, we can tame those naughty curls by changing the look for a bit.

If you’re willing to enjoy the straight hair look for a short time, gadgets are available in the market to help you. Without through severe chemical hair treatments like rebounding, Extenso etc.

Here we have compiled a list of top hair straighteners  to smoothout your hair.

Top Hair Dryers for Curly Hair


Straightens coarse hair : This professional straightener is efficient enough to straighten coarse hair .

Floating plates design: The floating plate design increases the versatility of the product. It makes it easy to curl, flip or straighten hair.

Simple to operate: Effortless usage because of its simplicity and fast results.

High quality ceramic plates with micro-sensors: 8 micro sensors are present on plates. These balance heat very well to prevent damage to hair.

Tourmaline and ceramic crystal ions technology: Plates designed with tourmaline, ceramic. Crystal ions give a silky and glossy look to your hair along with straightening them.

Flexible with voltage input: It works either on 110v power as well as 220v power supply. So, used for traveling purposes without worrying about the voltage issues.

Temperature change is easier: The heat adjusted from low to high temperature (140F to 450F).  Depending upon the hair condition to avoid damage, making it a perfect choice for all hair types.

Perfect for all hair lengths: It is suitable for hair of all length varying from long to even bangs. It has 1” width plates for convenient use.

Flexible cord: It has a 360o flexible swivel cord that can reach even the back of the head and around the room.

Additionals: The kit includes Argan oil treatment pouch, heat resistant gloves and a silk case (for traveling purposes).


  • very low price.
  • It comes with Argan oil conditioning sachet to help to keep hair healthy.
  • The flexibility of the cord makes it easier to use.
  • It can straighten hair within no time and with lesser effort.


  • Since it infuses moisture, it can be a mess for hair with a higher number of follicles/sebaceous glands. It makes the hair appear moist or oily.

2. MIROPURE Enhanced Hair Straightener Brush:

Detangles and straighten together: No need to keep an extra comb while straightening. Since the straightener itself detangles as well as straightens hair.

Anti-scalding : It maintains a safe temperature to avoid any injury to the scalp.

Metal ceramic heater (MCH) technology: It provides consistent temperature throughout the process. Also, it can heat up immediately in one minute.

3600 swivel cord: The flexible cord ease the process of hair straightening. The cord can reach around the back of the head.

Auto shut-off: The straightener switches off after 60 minutes interval. To protect from any kind of mishap if left turned on without purpose.

Auto temperature lock: During use the temperature can be set and locked. To avoid any kind of involuntary temperature change.

16 different temperature settings: The temperature is adjustable. Depending on the hair type to protect hair from any damage ranging from 300℉-450 ℉.

Seals hair follicles to prevent damage: It uses the High-density nano-comb brush. This seals the follicles to protect hair fibers without any kind of damage.

Voltage requirements: It requires an input of 120v; 60Hz power supply.


  • It ensures protection of hair fibers. Seals follicles hence lustrous hair with no damage at all.
  • It reduces split ends and knots in the hair hence giving a silkier look rather than flat-burnt look.
  • It can straight away dry curly hair in one go, giving a sleek and shiny look in no time.
  • Value for money.
  • durable and easy to use.


  • It cannot work on a 220v power supply. So, it is not recommended for frequent travelers.
  • It costs more.
  • The least temperature it can meet is 300F. So people having very fine hair are not recommended to buy this straightener.

3. HSI Professional Ceramic Tourmaline Ionic Flat Iron

Dual voltage: It can work well on both the voltage supplies( 120v and 220v). Hence it is suitable for frequent travelers.

Floating plates: It adjusts on the basis of hair thickness, hair quality, and volume.

Wide range of temperatures: The temperature range from 240F to 410F. These depending on the hair type.

Even heat distribution: The plates have heat balancing micro sensors. These distributes heat with no damage.

Temperature change by knob: This straightener comes with a knob for temperature change.

Sleek and silky look to hair: Plates created with tourmaline and ceramic crystal ions. These plates give a silky and glossy look to your hair. Ions penetrate into small water molecules in the hair and straighten them .

Add ons: The kit comes with a 5ml Argan oil conditioner pouch. It nourishes the hair and heat resistant gloves.


  • Heats up and straightens hair within no time.
  • Traveler friendly due to dual voltage capability.
  • Argan oil in the kit for hair repairing and nourishment.
  • Gives a shiny look to hair with no damage at all.
  • Flexible 360 swivel cord
  • 100% Ceramic tourmaline plates give a shiny look to hair along with straightening.


  • Checking of exact temperature is impossible due to the absence of a digital display. It means you have to try a few times before acquiring the required temperature for your hair.  So it may take some of your time before straightening.

4. KIPOZI Professional Titanium Flat Iron Hair Straightener:

Digital LCD Display: It has an LCD Display for temperature monitoring.

Dual Voltage capability: It has a circuit that converts voltage for universal usage.

Instant Heating: It heats up immediately to reduce heating time. Also speeds up the process of straightening hair.

75 Inch Wide titanium floating plates: It has thick plates to give a silky straight look to hair in no time. Along with long-lasting results.

Auto shut off: It turns off if not used for 60 minutes.

8 feet long swivel cord: This tool has a long 8 feet cord to ease the process of styling.

Suitable for all hair types: It suitable for all hair types and lengths.


  • It comes with a built-in electronic circuit. Which converts local currency to required voltage. Also making it suitable for traveling
  • It is way cheaper than other brand products with the same features.
  • Suitable for all types of hair including thick, curly, wavy and frizzy hair.
  • Easy to use even at a long distance due to a long 8feet swivel cord.
  • A wider temperature range from 170-450F, that too with LCD display.


  • Titanium plates heat up way faster than ceramic ones. So despite of temperature control it can likely damage very fine hair. Titanium plates are most suitable for coarser hair more than finer ones. So people with very thin hair should not used in repeat.

5. KIPOZI Titanium Plates Professional Hair Straightener

Protects color and hair breakage: Straightens hair with 80% less breakage. Also protects hair color from fading away.

Ultra-fast heating: It can heat up to 380F within 15 seconds. Hence reducing the time of hair styling.

Gives a shine to your hair: Made of two titanium plates to provide quick uniform heating. Hence giving hair a smoother and shinier texture, as well as a soft bounce.

Auto shut off: For safety reasons, the tool gets switched off itself after 90 minutes of non-use.

Traveler friendly: Supports dual voltage supply.

Flexible 360o swivel cord: 8 feet long cord that makes it easy to use and enhances flexibility.

Digital display for temperature: Comes with a digital display to detect accurate temperature .


  • The 1” titanium plates for this model were special in design to conduct heat faster. As well as narrow width of plates makes it also suitable for short hair.
  • Faster straightening process due to fast heating of plates within 15 seconds.
  • The temperatures are adjustable according to hair types.
  • Very affordable with lots of exciting benefits.


  • The auto shut off time that is 90 minutes which is too long and it can lead to any mishap.
  • Since nano-titanium plates heat up very fast, better not use it for very fine and damaged hair on a regular basis. It will give a more flat-burnt look rather than sleek and smoother look.

6. Remington Wet2Straight 1 3/4 Inch Flat Iron, S7330A

75” wide ceramic+ titanium plates: This model comes with thick plates. These heat up quick within 30 seconds.

Easy styling by drying and straightening together: Used on wet hairs. It has dual functions drying as well as straightening hair.

Plus it has steam vents that remove water in a secure manner from wet or moist hair.

30 heat settings : The highest temperature of this iron is 420 degrees Fahrenheit.

3 times faster straightening: As compared to other brand irons, it saves time. It straightens hair 3 times faster.

Light indications: The model design has indicator lights. These turn on a green light when the temperature is suitable to straighten damp hair. Or turn amber light for straightening dry hair.

Auto shut off for safety: The iron switches off itself after 60 minutes of no use.

Voltage supply: It requires 120V current for proper function .


  • 60% less damage to the hair .
  • Saves time by working 3 times faster than other flat irons.
  • Taking care of your hair health along with straightening by reducing damage to hair.
  • 30 heat settings ensure the ideal temperature for the different types of hair.


  • No digital display to monitor the temperature accurately.
  • It is not dual voltage friendly so it cannot be used during traveling.

7. KIPOZI 1 Inch Pro Titanium Flat Iron for Hair

Works on negative ion technology: Gives a shiny, smooth and sleek look to your hair. It releases negative ions.

Floating Plates with curved edges: Plates have curved edges to avoid pulling of hair.

Styling tool as a straightener and curler : Helps you to style your hair according to your mood. It has a 2-in-1 feature of curling and straightening.

1” ceramic+ titanium plates: Plates are helpful in quick heating up of the iron. 1” plates are narrow enough to style bangs.

Available in black and gold models: The black iron controlled by buttons. While the gold one operated by a touch screen pad.

Digital LCD display: For accurate monitoring of temperature.

Adjustable temperature: The temperature varies from 170-450oF suitable for all hair types.

Dual voltage capability: Making it great for travel by supporting 110-240V.

Flexible swivel cord: 360 degrees 8.2 feet long swivel cord making it easier to use.


  • Saves time as it only takes 30 seconds to heat up.
  • Temperature can be adjustable making it well suited for all hair types.
  • Traveling friendly.
  • Straightens as well as curls your hair without any need of a curler
  • Styles hair very smooth without pulling hair due to curved edged plates.


  • It is expensive


8. TYMO Hair Straightener Brush

Triangle heating teeth: The comb has large triangle teeth that have 24 gaps that can cover more hair in one go.

Quick heat-up in 30 seconds: The comb heats up quick in 30 seconds up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit.

5 heat settings: Temperature is adjustable to 5 different modes. Ranging from 266℉ – 410℉ that make it suitable for all hair types.

Anti-scald design: Pastic Comb teeth from the top (0.2” wide safe zone) to avoid any kind of burns and shock to the scalp.

Auto shut off: Turns off automatic after 30 minutes of no use.

It comes with power adapter by default: Made with a universal power adapter to make it ideal for travel.


  • Straightens hair much more quick and from root to tip.
  • Suitable for all hair types making it more demandable.
  • Protects scalp from any kind of burns and injuries.
  • Even heat distribution makes it possible to straighten the hair in one go.


  • Slightly heavy on pocket as compared to other flat irons that offer more or less the same features.

9. BaByliss PRO Mini Hair Straightening Iron

Nano titanium-ceramic plates: The plates straighten the hair smooth and make them shiny.

Dual voltage: It can work anywhere in the world due to dual voltage

5” inch narrow plates: Making it suitable for short to medium hair.

Temperature limit: The highest temperature it can meet is 430F. Means it can straighten very coarse hair as well.

Even heat distribution: Ceramic heater heats in an instant and distributes even heat.


  • Very cheap.
  • Easy to carry because of compact size and lightweight.
  • Traveler friendly.
  • Styles beautiful short hair and in less time


  • Not suitable for long hair as it has very narrow 0.5” plates.
  • The heating plates have a gap that cannot grab fine/thin hair efficient. so not recommended for thin hair.
  • The handle gets so hot that holding it becomes an issue due to its small size and high heating capacity.
  • It can sometimes snags hair leading to hair breakage.


10. Furiden Professional 2 in 1 Tourmaline Ceramic Flat Iron Hair Straightener

Not suitable for long hair as it has very narrow 0.5” plates.

The heating plates have a gap that cannot grab fine/thin hair efficient. so not recommended for thin hair.

The handle gets so hot that holding it becomes an issue due to its small size and high heating capacity.

It can sometimes snags hair leading to hair breakage.


  • Traveler friendly.
  • It has a 2-in-1 feature of styling hair either straightening or curling hair as per mood and choice.
  • It is great at adjusting the temperature according to the need of the hair type.


  • Very costly.
  • No digital display to watch the exact temperature.

11. INFINITIPRO BY CONAIR Tourmaline Ceramic 1 1/2-inch Flat Iron

Tourmaline ceramic floating plates: Negative ions emitting 1.5” wide plates. These give your hair a shiny look.

Fast heating time: It heats up very fast within 15 seconds. Also gives uniform heat to straighten the hair from root to tip thorough.

5 heat settings: Making it suitable for all hair types.

Ultra-high heating: The highest temperature it can meet is 455F. Which makes it suitable for straightening thick curly hair.


  • Protects hair from any sort of damage as this model comes with a protective heat screen.
  • Auto shut off after 1 hour’s time.
  • The flexible cord makes it safe and convenient to use.


  • It only works with 120V current supply making it unsuitable for traveling


12. BIO IONIC Onepass Straightening Iron

Silicone speed strip plates: 1” wide plate containing silicone speed strips.

Fastest straightening: It straightens the hair very quick. Almost half the time to any other straightener available in the market.

Sleek and shiny hair: It does not only straighten the hair but also makes them appear shiny. dor this purpose it uses negative ion technology.

Hydrating along with straightening to avoid hair dryness: Based on infrared technology. It breaks down water molecules into a smaller size that penetrate deep and giving a shiny look. No dryness at all.

Multi-level heat control: The temperature are adjustable using a knob. Depending on the hair requirements, ranging from 240-400F.

9 feet long swivel cord: To increase the usability of this iron, it comes with a 9 feet long cord.


  • The best tool for professionals as it rates as the best hair straightener for curly hair by Amazon.
  • Gives a shiny, smooth and frizz-free hair in no time.


  • Very costly as compared to other options available in the market, making it never a choice.
  • It does not come with an auto shut-off feature. You have to be extra cautious in dealing with this straightener.
  • It does not come with an LCD digital screen to check temperature accurate.


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