Best Hair Colors for People with Blue Eyes

It is not simple to choose a hair color that matches your eye’s color. You will need to consider many things, such as your eye color, age, skin tone, skin color, as well as your hairstyle. All of them play an important role in choosing the hair color. If your eyes are blue, it’s important to choose the best colors going best with your blue shade. In this article, we will look at some best colors that work well for those who have blue eyes. 

Unnatural Hair Colors for Blue Eyes

Most people want to use natural color when coloring their hair. If you are a professional, it’s not a good idea to go for bright pink or electric blue locks. However, these unnatural colors may be great for those who are confident enough to get a try. They promise to make your hair look great with your blue eyes.

Below are some of the best unnatural colors for you:

White or Platinum

These colors are sure to give people with blue eyes a good look. These colors look great on their pale skin. However, these options are not suitable for those who own darker skin and darker hair.

Purple, pastel pink, and blue

Just like the above options, these choices are also great for those who have pale skin. If your skin is a warmer tone, these colors may not be the best options for you. 


You should think about choosing a neon hair color if your skin is dark. Once you choose this color, you should be very confident. It’s not easy to imagine how neon pink will look against darker skin as well as blue eyes.

Bright purple

This one is suitable for all skin tones. If your hair is darker, you may have to spend a long time getting your locks light to absorb the purple color properly. Keep in mind that you may need some serious commitment for these appearances. 

Ombre or balayage

If you are looking for a wild color to match your blue eyes, you can consider choosing ombre or balayage. You can use a pastel shade of purple or pink. Then, you can get a wonderful part at the ends of your hair.

How to Choose a Dye and Color Your Hair

First, you should visit a salon professional when coloring your hair. They can offer you the best quality products that are able to last much longer. Moreover, they can also help you pick the right colors for your blue eyes. 

When looking for hair color, many stylists recommend you to go for a shade that is five steps away from the original color of your hair. 

Additionally, you also should consider if you want a permanent or semi-permanent color. It’s best to consult with your stylist about these options. Then, they will give you the best range of choices. 

You need to determine if your stylist has treated your hair before. If yes, your hair may be damaged by the process. Therefore, it’s essential to work on strengthening the hair roots which are damaged. Moreover, you should also use natural hair products. Make sure your hair growth is promoted by eating a healthy diet for hair. 


In conclusion, not all hair colors can match your eye’s shade. There are a few things you need to consider. We’ve mentioned some of the best unnatural options for you. They all suit your blue eyes best. Hopefully, our tips let you choose the suitable color for your hair.

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