Are All Hair Colors Removed by Color Oops?

This hair remover can perform for every shade of hair dye. Indeed, it can work for black, blue, purple, red, as well as others. If you want to eliminate them from your hair, you need to know how to use the product properly. Check out this article to learn about it.

Why This Remover Can Eliminate All the Dyes

It is not simple to remove purple, red, blue, and black colors. It is simple to dye your hair. There are small molecules found in permanent dyes. They react to form larger molecules. That’s why they get deep colors.

However, for larger ones, it’s hard to remove. More importantly, you also need to look for the appropriate product to remove them. We recommend you choose Color Oops. You can remove dye pigments by oxidation that eliminates electrons. Another way is to remove by reduction to supplement more electrons.

Color removers work by breaking large items into smaller molecules. This product operates by reduction. Therefore, it can eliminate even the darkest colors. This product reverses the process of oxidation. At the same time, it makes a lighter tone by destroying the color molecules.

If you don’t use the product properly, it will not work. Even if you plan to remove red, black, as well as others, this item works based on how well you can wash the item out.

How to Use this Product to Eliminate Tough Colors

Once this remover is applied, and you wait the suggested amount of time, you need to wash your hair properly. Keep in mind that your hair color will be lightened first.

On the other hand, the product will transfer your black color to a dark brown one. However, you will need to rinse it to eliminate the pigment. The only drawback of the Color Oops is that it doesn’t have a good smell. Therefore, we recommend you open your window in the bathroom when using it.

To deal with all the remaining dye, you need to wash your hair particularly. It means that your colors – purple, red, and black will remain. Besides, you also need to remember that it’s important to consider the water you use as well as its temperature.

You should use cold water to rinse your hair. However, it is best to use hot water when you use a color remover. It can allow you to remove pigments from your hair with ease. If your hair isn’t washed well, you may get some dye residue remaining in it.


If you are going to dye your hair after you use Color Oops, you have to purchase one that is two or three lighter shades compared to your expected color. Your hair may be very porous after you apply many color removers. Now, you know if color Oops removes all hair colors. Also, we have already let you know how to use it properly. Follow it to get the best results.

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