hair gloss (clear glaze)

Short Hair $35 | Medium Hair $45 | Long Hair $55


Intense deep Conditioning

Short Hair $35 | Medium Hair $45 | Long Hair $55


OLAPLEX or Brazilian Bond Builder

(stand alone treatment)

Short Hair $35 | Medium Hair $45 | Long Hair $55


Clarifying TREATMENT

15 minutes $25 | 30 minutes $40 | 45 minutes $55


CPr (Color pigment remover)

(Removes metallic minerals, may remove 1-3 levels)
Short Hair $45 | Medium Hair $55 | Long Hair $65

extra hair

$10 & Up


Brazilian Blow Out

 (Minimum for most hair is 2.5 hours)

The Hair Treatments offered here at the salon are an invaluable Maintenance Component that can benefit damaged hair, aid in the continued overall health of your hair, and ensure that you always feel fresh and confident!

Each treatment has its unique benefits and our Stylists can guide you to what is best needed for the results you desire and need.


Deep Conditioning treatments infuse and lock in moisture because of the product’s low PH factor, adding strength into the hair, as well as adding shine and smoothing the hair cuticle to lock in the moisture.

Brazilian Blowout is a hair smoothing treatment used to remove frizz, static, and flyaways without causing any damage to the hair follicle.  Applied by one of our Certified Stylist, the highest quality protein is bonded to the hair with results that can last from two to four months. Though clients have been claiming it lasts a lot longer.  Brazilian Blowout is a keratin treatment to smooth frizz and relax hair and is not a straightening application.  Results will depend on existing hair texture and present condition of hair.

Olaplex & Brazilian Bond Builder is a treatment that seeks out hidden damage and reinforces bonds by eliminating the bad reaction oxygen has with ‘broken sulfite bonds’ in chemically treated hair, making the hair stronger, more flexible, and more resistant to breakage.  

Hair Gloss is a type of translucent hair dye that gives hair an attractive shine without affecting its color, yet if required, color can be added to the gloss. Gloss enhances natural hair and provides intense conditioning. It gives longevity to colored or highlighted hair, helps dull hair look better and, as the gloss covers the hair shaft, it also protects hair from damage.

Clarifying Treatment safely removes build up from styling products, chlorine, minerals, and other residues caused by the environment.  This treatment is recommended especially if you use styling products on a regular basis, go swimming often, and or before a new hair color change for the hair so as to prep the hair like a new blank canvas.  

*Styling not included in service