Hair Coloring and Chemical application results are a temperamental and sometimes unpredictable process due to varying factors, such as the types of previous hair colors and chemicals placed onto the hair by the Client or previous Stylist/Colorist, everyday wear and tear, as well as lifestyle. We expect our clients to provide their Stylist with this most current and true data to aid us in assessing your service(s) needs and our Stylist will do his/her best to fully obtain this information. 


What we want you to understand and know regarding . . . 

       Hair Color:

  • Color Results will vary based on past chemical services.


  • Hair Color pigment residue may be unable to be removed from the hair during the first initial hair color application (leaving the hair a less than desirable hair color, such as pink, yellow, and even orange or rusty orange).


  • Previous semi-permanent and permanent hair colors applied evenly can result in patchy removal requiring more than one color removal application to remove the patches.


  • Previously chemically treated hair can unexpectedly result in less than desirable hair quality such as brittleness, breaking, and/or dryness if the exact result is expected within one appointment after the Stylist states what is happening DURING the color or chemical application.


  • In the event the Stylist finds previously highlighted hair, or previously chemically treated hair that the Client has either failed to mention, or forgotten to mention, then Stylist has every right to cease the desired result in order to safeguard the hair.


  • Client realizes that the Stylist will do his/her very best to safeguard the hair, remove the pigment/change pigment, and get as close to the desired end result as possible during the first application(s).


  • If Client insists upon achieving the desired end results during the first hair color and/or chemical application after the Stylist has shown the Client what is happening within the hair, then the Client is stating now that she/he fully understands that the Stylist releases all accountability due to working outside of the suggested procedure(s) and written guidelines as stated.


  • The Client understands that there is no refund available if the desired end result is not able to be achieved in one appointment.


Hair coloring is a science, and exact results are not fully known until the color application is begun, due to past pigment types and chemicals used on the hair, as well as everyday wear and tear and lifestyle practices.


Other Chemical Services:

  • Brazilian Blowout is a keratin treatment to smooth frizz and relax hair and is not a straightening application.  Results will depend on existing hair texture and present condition of hair.


  • Perms and Relaxer treatment results will depend on existing hair texture and present condition of hair.


The Client understands:


  • Color results may need more than one application to achieve end result.

  • Additionally needed color and chemical applications to achieve desired end result will be applied at the regular price.

  • We recommend the Client agrees to follow through with the suggested hair color/chemical applications.

  • If in the case that the Client knows he or she is sensitive and allergic to certain chemicals/ingredients and is concerned of getting an allergic reaction, please ask your stylist to perform a skin patch test at least 24 hours prior to all hair color/chemical services.  The Client also understands that a negative skin patch test does not mean that a reaction will not still occur.  In understanding these risks, if you have any concerns, please seek medical advice prior to any hair color or chemical service.