Accent Highlights or Lowlights (15 foils max)

Short Hair $75 | Medium Hair $85 | Long Hair $95

1Color Partial Foil Work

Short Hair $155 | Medium Hair $185 | Long Hair $215

1 Color Full Foil Work

Short Hair $205 | Medium Hair $235 | Long Hair $265

Additional colors

+$25 per color

Strand test



$25 & Up



Foil Work is a tried and true, excellent method of delivering color design. Although basic foiling is an appropriate method to achieve some highlighting designs, our Stylists at Color Lounge are applying Foil Techniques FAR BEYOND the traditional foiling realm to achieve more intricate color designs envisioned by our clients.

Whatever your desired result is, be it on the scale of a more natural effect, as in a one color highlight or baby lights, to going more bold, such as peekaboo highlights or multi-coloring, special effects . . . our techniques and vision can get you there!

*Styling not included in chemical service