First time client Full set


full set


2 weeks refill


3 weeks refill


4 weeks & Up

Requires a Full Set


removal fee



Care and Maintenance


DON'T touch your Eyelash Extensions for the first 4 hours.

DON'T let your Eyelash Extensions touch water for at least 12 hours but 24 hours is preferred.

DON'T attempt to remove Eyelash Extensions on your own, you may cause damage to your natural lashes. See a professional.

DON'T curl them.


AVOID high heat and steam which can distort and straighten lashes.

AVOID oil based products on the Eyelash Extensions. Example: mascaras, creams, oils, shampoos, conditioners.

AVOID rubbing, pulling or tugging on your eyelashes.

DO sleep on your back or side to avoid crushing lashes. Additionally, a satin pillowcase can help cut down on any friction.

DO love your new lashes.

Touch them with clean hands in an upward motion and use a clean mascara wand to untangle.  After, fan out and blow-dry them on "cool" for restyling.


We recommend Refilling your Eyelash Extensions every 2-4 weeks depending on your day to day routine. 

After a month of no refills, a new set will be recommended.