women's Cut & Style

Short Hair $45-$70 | Medium Hair $55-$80 | Long Hair $65-$90


men's Cut & Style

Short Hair $30-$40 | Medium Hair $40-$50 | Long Hair $50-$60


pixie CUT



Kid's Cut & Style ( age 12 & under )



Bang Trim



 extra hair

$25 & Up


It’s all about the cut and the main key to a successful haircut is ATTENTION TO DETAIL!  And that’s exactly what our Stylists do.

When it comes to creating exceptional hair designs, we create a custom style for you based on many factors, including hair texture, growth patterns, face shape, daily styling routines, body structure, personality and style.  Most importantly, we LISTEN to what our clients envision and partner with them to achieve those results.  Whether it's just a bang (fringe) trim, the latest trend haircut, or customized haircut, we always give a thorough consultation before every cut.  

Here is a list of some of the styles we are offering: long layers, short layers, bob cut, A-line bob, lob, blunt cut, asymmetrical cuts, buzz cut, crew cut, pixie cut, hybrid cut, cropped hair, taper cut, fading, flattop, Mohawk, fauxhawk, pompadour, and all the latest trendy hairstyles.

We approach hair sculpting as an Art Form and are eager to share our talents and passion for hair design with you.


*Styling is a service option for an additional fee