GOING GRAY Consulation


going gray

$100 per Hour ($$$)

(On average, this process takes a minimum of 8 hours or more)
(Can also require multiple sessions)

 Price is a per hour basis and estimated upon consultation. Inquire for Travel.

Gray Is Beautiful and going gray in today’s world has a very modern and vibrant look.  There’s a myriad of shades of gray which include silver, pewter, charcoal, platinum, and ice, and we can guide you to the most complimentary shade for your skin tone and hair type. We customize color to match your natural gray color.

For our Going Back to Gray clients:  This will be a transformative lifestyle change for you.  Do not be discouraged.  We have been helping people go Back to Gray Seamlessly since the idea of it came to us a couple years ago by client who has been tired of coloring her hair.  Inspired and supported by the book "Going Back to Gray, Looking Great" and a Going Gray forum on the internet, we realize that there is big community of people, especially within the Baby Boomers generation that have been looking for a solution.  Going Gray and accepting your natural roots does not have to be something you should be ashamed of.  You can Go Gray Gracefully and accept your Natural Beauty!  Even the young folks are jumping on the bandwagon.  Gray Hair, Silver Hair, is Classy, Sexy, and Beautiful! 


*Styling not included with chemical service

*We recommend booking a consultation appointment prior to service